Sparnatural documentation

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For examples of how Sparnatural works and can be configured, have a look at the demos folder of website.

1. Features

2. Getting started

  • Hello Sparnatural : start here to integrate Sparnatural in your own website, from the tutorial page.

3. Configuring Sparnatural

in a Spreadsheet

  • How-to configure : a detailled documentation for configuring Sparnatural in a spreadsheet (that is converted into a OWL configuration file). Start here to learn the different configuration options of Sparnatural.


SHACL is now the recommended way to configure Sparnatual.

  • Configure in SHACL : a reference page detailling how Sparnatural can be configured in SHACL.

in OWL

Historically, Sparnatural also supported configuration specified in OWL :

in JSON (deprecated)

This is a deprecated feature

Advanced configuration

4. Integrating Sparnatural in HTML / React

Advanced integration

5. Extending Sparnatural

6. FAQ

  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

7. Other resources