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How do I setup a search on dates ?

Originally asked in issue 314.

How do I search in the inverse direction ?

Originally asked in issue 317.

How do I setup a search on a text field ?

Originally asked in issue 309.

How do I map a class to more than one target class ?

Originally asked in issue 318.

How do I set nice prefixes in the output SPARQL query ? can I use prefixed values in the sparqlString annotation ?

This is currently not possible, avoid use prefixes in sparqlString.

See also Sparnatural Wikidata Prototype.

How do I setup Sparnatural on Wikidata ?

See Sparnatural Wikidata Prototype.

  • Set the target SPARQL endpoint to https://query.wikidata.org/sparql
  • Use typePredicate config option with a value of http://www.wikidata.org/prop/direct/P31
  • You can configure a custom autocomplete query with a queryString like the following:
    ?domain <http://www.wikidata.org/prop/direct/P31>  $domain .
    ?domain $property ?uri .
    ?uri rdfs:label ?label .
    FILTER(lang(?label) = \"\" || lang(?label) = $lang)
    FILTER(CONTAINS(LCASE(STR(?label)), LCASE(\"$key\")))
  • Dropdown lists currently don’t work properly due to Wikidata query service being too slow

How do I automatically get a label to display when the user clicks on the “eye” ?

See issue 3 in Sparnatural Wikidata Prototype.

The default datasources use langMatches() function and returns dupicate languages, can this be changed to lang() instead ?

You need to create a custom datasource with a custom SPARQL query to do that. See https://docs.sparnatural.eu/OWL-based-configuration-datasources#your-own-sparql-query-lists–autocomplete and see an example at https://github.com/sparna-git/sparnatural.eu/blob/main/demos/demo-smt-cim10/sparnatural-config.ttl#L117

Originally asked in issue 327.